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 The 400th Anniversary Commemoration produced stunning new discoveries, significant new scholarship, impressive new interpretive facilities, and illuminating new educational initiatives that will continue to enhance our understanding of the remarkably consequential convergence of man and nature in the Chesapeake region four centuries ago. Anniversary related programs and activities increased public awareness of the foundational importance of the Jamestown settlement and Virginia colony in our nation’s history. The activities enhanced appreciation for the ties that bind Americans through common language, culture, values, a shared past, and an interdependent future. The programs also featured a timely and profound international dialogue on the foundations and future of democracy—a wide-ranging assessment of the free institutions that have prospered worldwide in our time, and on which the aspirations of people everywhere depend.


This Final Report is intended to complement the similar report by the Commonwealth of Virginia’s Jamestown 2007 organization. It also complements the forthcoming Jamestown Commentaries on the Foundations and Future of Democracy and the materials available on this website. Together, these and other first-hand accounts will create a complete portrait of America’s 400th Anniversary, a poignant period of celebration, remembrance, and renewal inspired by the boundless promise of a still-young America.

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